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I, Linda Knipe-Schlier, have been making candles for 23 years. The candles that we design are made in our factory to burn clean and fill your home with large amounts of fragrance. Our jars burn completely empty and are guaranteed for excellence in burning. I grew up at Pocono Candle and went on to Mountain Home Candle for 14 years until the fire. Now my husband and I own The Candle Shoppe of the Pocono's. Using innovative formulas for all of our candles, we grew to become nationally known as the premier candle company in the industry.




About our building:
After Kelly Antiques, we purchased the building for Candle Shoppe of the Pocono's.
Fisher, Dr. William Redwood. Partner with Dr. Richard Slee in the Pocono Biological Laboratories from 1901-08. Married Elisabeth Virginia Jennings. Had four children: William Redwood Fisher Jr, who died in infancy; Elizabeth Lewis, who did not marry; Ester Lewis, who did not marry; and John Redwood Fisher, who married the writer Dorothy Canfield. Born in Mobile, Ala., November 1, 1844, His father, Samuel S. Fisher, died in 1848 of yellow fever. Settled in Hoboken in 1874, moved to Swiftwater in 1901 and built a brown-stone at the junction of Routes 611 and 314 that now houses The Candle Shoppe of the Pocono's. During World War I, the Fishers lived in France for 3 years while he served in the American Ambulance Field Service. He died on March 28, 1926, at his home in Swiftwater.


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Since the opening of The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos in Swiftwater, PA, strange events seemed to be occurring that owners, Linda & Jim Schlier, and their employees could not explain. After researching the history of the property which seemed to be lingering in to current day happenings, Linda started to think that the Candle Shoppe may be holding the spirits of days gone by. Searching for verification, Linda got in touch with The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association (THE PPA), a paranormal research group based out of the Scranton area. THE PPA conducts on-site investigations throughout PA to try and document activity that may be considered paranormal to determine if a haunting is present. The investigation conducted by THE PPA at the Candle Shoppe of the Poconos caught the attention of a NY based production company that was starting production of a new paranormal themed television show slated to air at the end of this year on Discovery's Animal Planet. Based on certain criteria, such as the history of the location and results of the investigation, The Candle Shoppe of the Poconos was chosen to be one of the featured locations out of the ten episodes expeted for the premier season. THE PPA will also be featured in The Candle Shoppe episode, as well as two additional episodes filmed at other locations in Northeast PA. Although the show is expected to air this fall, additional information will be released as the premier date nears. More information about the Candle Shoppe of the Poconos may be found on their website,

Pennsylvania Paranormal Association and their team validates experience by the employees & owners. Come check it out for more information.

Information regarding The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association may be found on their website.

Tours at the Candle Shoppe will be opening soon. Come see the doctor's original biological laboratory, holding cells, and monkey cages.